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  why armadillos?

the armadillo is cleverly presented as a visual teaching aid and memory anchor for the community service anti-drug message. just as the armadillo's armor protects against enemies, children are encouraged to put on their armor against drugs, crime, and violence because they are special.

  some armadillo stats
10 lbs. (nine-banded) to 130 lbs. (giant)
body 2-4 feet, tail 1-2 feet
body temperature
90 degrees
260 days (litter 2 to 12)
(always quadruplets in nine-banded)
eyes open 25 days
weaning age 6 weeks
life span
15 - 20 years

  looking at armadillos

the early spanish explorers in central america called it "el armadillo" - "the armored one." its body looks like a knight's armor. in the wild, the armadillo is a true insect-eating machine with its snout to the ground, rooting like a pig, packing away over 200 pounds of insects in a year, and contributing admirably to the control of insect overpopulation! the armadillo is a world-class digger found only in the americas - southern united states, mexico, central and south america. in mississippi, it is nicknamed the "grave digger."

the armadillo wears a stiff, leathery wrapping. the head and rump are solid: the middle is divided into flexible bands. the flexible bands allow the armadillo to roll up into a tight ball for protection if it can't escape by digging. where can you tickle an armadillo? on its belly. this is the only spot with no armor. it is the armadillo's area most vulnerable to attack.

some armadillos may have between 2 and 12 young. they are very small, about 2 ounces each. they come from a single egg and are all the same sex.

the put on your armor™ foundation is a 501c-3 not for profit. celebrated our silver anniversary in 2005. all content is trademark ™ and copyright © of the put on your armor foundation, 2008.
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