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  school programs

our school program is devoted to educating families and communities. we believe in the benefits of having role models who are an example of honor, integrity, and self-control. the "armor" program teaches awareness of the different types of tricks used to influence students, families, and communities into trying alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. we let children know they are special!

our television public service announcement is broadcast nationally.

our pet armadillos are the armadillo rangers'™ teaching tool. students participate in the armadillo derby.™ we teach about the lifestyle of the armadillo and the self defense it uses against predators. then we apply this to our audience and explain how they too can "armor" themselves, friends, and families against drugs, crime, and violence.

put on your armor™ is fully insured. our pet armadillos are under veterinary care and licensed under the usda animal welfare act. our armadillo rangers™ are professionally trained presenters who uphold our reputation of dependability and excellence!

coloring artwork

     please feel free to use these for a coloring contest for your school or advertisement
our theme: put on your armor because you're special!

to schedule the armadillo rangers™
for an event at your school, call to reserve a date today!
call (918) 259-5000

  our school assembly program - safe and drug free schools

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an important message
communicated with comedy!

over 1,000 references

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 leaves kids smiling

comedy at its best

an important message

student participation

armadillo jim asks a question

children watch and enjoy

students get to pet the armadillos

the armadillo derby is off


a friendly farewell

put on your armor
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to schedule the armadillo rangers™
for an event at your school, call to reserve a date today!
call (918) 259-5000

the put on your armor™ foundation is a 501c-3 not for profit. celebrated our silver anniversary in 2005. all content is trademark ™ and copyright © of the put on your armor foundation, 2008.
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