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  the armadillo derby


one of the most unique shows you will ever see.

the armadillo derby™ has been featured all over the country at major conventions, schools, fairs, and special events.

the armadillo derby™ brings families, corporate executives, youth groups, and students together for lots of laughs and excitement.

adults and celebrities like
maury povich can have fun too!

children of all ages get involved.

the armadillo derby™
parade of flags
armadillo trivia
an anti-drug message
sponsor & community
the armadillo derby
petting zoo
photo session
worm feeding


get on your mark, get set...

and they're off!
"are you sleeping?"

for more information about the armadillo derby™, contact us at
(918) 259-5000

the put on your armor™ foundation is a 501c-3 not for profit. celebrated our silver anniversary in 2005. all content is trademark ™ and copyright © of the put on your armor foundation, 2008.
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