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i cried too - the gift of love to america's children

  church programs

put on your armor also has a terrific church program that is just as enjoyable as the school program but is directed more toward a church environment.

why should your church invest in your community and children?

to fulfill the great commission

to demonstrate the love of jesus

to win souls

to proclaim the gospel to the unchurched

to create tremendous community relations

to interact with community leaders

to increase church attendance

to bless the local schools, administration, and staff

to interact with business and government leaders

to promote effective media relations

to establish a local identity

to reach the lost

why is "armadillo jim" and put on your armor the right partner for your outreach?

appeared in 29 states and canada in their 24+ year history

seen by more than 1,000 schools and over two million people

awarded "keys to the city" by many united state mayors

viewed on over 300 television shows

trained in ministry, publishing, media, and public relations

gifted to reach children and families

experienced to help the local church

anointed to touch the hearts of children and the lost

positioned for greatness and excellence

directed sponsorships with major u.s. corporations

favored among civic leaders and administrators


to schedule an event, call to reserve a date today!
call (918) 259-5000

the put on your armor™ foundation is a 501c-3 not for profit. celebrated our silver anniversary in 2005. all content is trademark ™ and copyright © of the put on your armor foundation, 2008.
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